Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Thank you to all bloggers and especially Jenny from

Evening everyone.

This is a short and quick post today just to say thanks to a very special person jenny L her blog is great. She has helped me get a few more followers and also a welcome to all of my new followers. I will go and look at all your blogs too. Also thank you so much for your comments and tips and advice. I know I have a Likkle problem with my photos as they need to be a bit bigger which I will get sorted. You are all fantastic, kind and friendly . Thank you for making me feel at home.

Jenny's blog

Just wanted to show a few photos of my hand made jewellery that I've made in the past few days.

I'd like to enter this into the following challenge:

Pin and tack Anything goes

Have a fab evening .

All the best


Jenny L said...

HI Sharon,
I just popped over to see how your tally of followers is doing.
Wonderful jewellery, so lovely. I see you managed to get a larger picture on the blog.
Good for you. Now people can really admire and have real good look at your lovely work.
Another small tip. I used to go into my blog late in the evening, when there wasn't many people blogging and try lots of different buttons to see what they do. you can always go back to the original if you don't save what you have done.
That way I learned a lot and with a little help from fellow bloggers. Never be afraid to ask someone if you don't know how to do something.
Most bloggers are more than happy to help.
Los of crafty love. Jenny L.

tilly's crafts said...

these look great Sharon! such pretty jewellery!
re the blog, only started mine in March so it's still a work in progress and there are things I'd like to do but can't work out how to! (which leads to a certain amount of bad language lol!) - but yours is looking good - just keep playing with things!
Kim x

Marie-Louise said...

Lovely jewellery. I think most bloggers are learning all the time but as Jenny said - if you ask someone will always help. I have found bloggers to be very friendly people.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sharon, Your jewellery looks stunning, I haven't even tried doing any jewellery crafting yet, apart from stringing sparkly crystals for stretch bracelets, I absolutely adore sparkly.
You are getting lots of little tips with your Blog, which will surely help you, I find that all crafters are so helpful to each other, and anything that you are not sure of, if you post it you will get lots of help that way. I find it really heartwarming just how helpful people can be.
Lots of love from Patricia xx