Saturday, 10 November 2018

Upcycled birdcage

Good evening all! 

Firstly I must apologise for my lack of activity on my blog and commenting, my mojo and motovitation completely hit rock bottom.  All I've been managing is doing little bits each day and even then it's mixed media crafting.   

Don't worry I'm not leaving I love crafting too much.  Lol

Anyway I've been working on this for more than 2 weeks now and finally finished it last night.  

It was a Halloween prop bird cage which I got from Poundland, I used it for Halloween so decided to upcycled it to a Christmas light up piece.  

I'll list all the products I used below.  Through my enjoyed it and the shimmer and shine when lights hit it is just stunning , even better at night with lights in it. 

All imagination crafts

Gold, pearl and black starlights wax
Structure paste (To mimic snow and create texture to the cage)
Artsy stones (snow)
Starlight paints
Tim holtz poinsetta die
Snow flake dies from crafters companion
Items inside are broken bits of ornaments I recycled
Bows from crafty stash 
Glitter from Chloes stamps

You can find imagination crafts products here:
Imagination crafts 

I hope you like this one, it's very festive and will be used at Christmas in my home 

The photo below is how the cage originally was:

Have a lovely weekend 

Lots of love 

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Vintage Dragon fly bottle

Good evening everyone

I must apologise for not commenting and visiting your blogs the past few weeks. 
I've really not been myself , I blame the weather lol 

As you've noticed I've been into mixed media a lot lately.  I enjoy the messy part of it and if you make any mistakes you just paint over it plus it's fab for recycling as you can upcycle all the rubbish you'd normally just throw away. 

I'm still into card marking I'm just gping through a phase lol. 

My son loves to drink gin at weekends so I've been upcycling the empty bottles. 

This was a clear empty bottle. 
I used imagination crafts beautiful rice paper to stick in certain places on the bottle using decoupage glue.  I then used sand and brown starlight paints to paint in the empty areas using a sponge , I put several layers on to get even coverage.  

I like texture and dimension so used flowers, bow, red wire, ribbon and jewellery beads to create texture then painted and used pearl white and gold wax on them all.  

The butterfly and Dragon fly was created using imagination crafts stencils on clear acetate using sparkle medium and glitter and then allowing it to dry and cutting thrm out once dry. 

A great distraction doing it and thoroughly enjoyed it

Lights are purple hence the different colour. 

Thank so much for looking